Calik Denim's Passion for Responsible Fashion

Global challenges have a crucial impact on the business world. Particularly, changing consumer behaviors, technology and digitalization, climate change, resource scarcity, and demographic change cause a fundamental shift in the textile industry.

We see the emergence of a new consumer profile with a notable awareness of social and environmental issues. This group is now shaping the industries’ business strategies as well as production processes by incorporating their values into their shopping habits and carefully selecting their brands. Responsible fashion is one of the waves of change that these consumers have brought into the fashion scene.

Ever mindful of global trends, Calik Denim responds to them in a sustainable way with the “Passion for Denim, Passion for Life” purpose. Calik Denim achieves this purpose by leading innovative products, creating a positive impact for/with stakeholders, and reducing impact on the environment. This passion drives the company to become a leading denim brand to deliver change in the industry.

In order to achieve these goals and honor the purpose it has set for itself, Calik Denim utilizes its resources to develop innovative technological solutions for its industry.

• Among these solutions is the Transparency Monitoring System which is planned to begin its operations within 2019. The system enables the company to track the performance of the machinery at their mill and provide transparent data to their customers by classifying products on energy and resource consumption. The company will be able to indicate the segmentation of the fabrics on their hangtags, providing transparent and responsible product selection.

• Calik Denim has also integrated the D-Clear technology in its dyeing processes to reduce water and chemical consumption. D-Clear makes it possible to use 40% less water during indigo dyeing and 83% less water during the finishing of denim. This means a reduction of over five liters per meter of fabric produced. The overuse of harmful chemicals is also avoided, the new technology marking a decrease of 94% by lowering the chemical use.

• In addition to optimizing its own processes to reduce environmental impact, Calik Denim takes care drive this change through every link in its supply chain. Most notably, through the technology of “Denethic”, the fabric manufacturer relieves the garment producer of the denim washing process by doing it in advance.